Rest: A No-Cost Investment in Your Business

It is no secret that we can all get caught up in living our life and running our business that we often forget to take time to rest. However, in order for us to experience true success and peace we must take the time to invest in rest.  To learn more about the power of rest check out the article, Rest:  A No-Cost Investment in Your Business below from my Parisian friend, Monique Y. Wells.  She is an expert in all things time management related.

Rest:  A No-Cost Investment in Your Business

To do your best, invest in rest!

– Monique Y. Wells,ParisMuse of Time Management™


One of the most difficult challenges that I experience as a time management/productivity expert is addressing my need to rest my mind despite everything I do for the three businesses and the non-profit organization that I run.  As the months and years speed by, I am increasingly aware that slowing down – even stopping work altogether for brief periods of time – is critical for my health and for my businesses.


Slowing down can feel uncomfortable when we are accustomed to being “on” all the time – thinking about multiple, concurrent business projects and then “switching hats” to assume our responsibilities at home. Yet taking regular “time outs” is the best thing we can do to rejuvenate our minds and spirits so we can be more productive when we return to our projects and activities.


If the idea of slowing down seems impossible to you, ease yourself gently toward this goal by taking 3-5 short breaks during the day.  Try one or more of the following:


1)     Begin with the Web site at  If you can manage to allow two minutes to pass without touching your mouse or your keyboard, the site rewards you with a “Well done” message on your screen.

2)     Get up and do something!  Twist at the waist.  Touch your toes.  Stand on your toes and stretch your arms above your head.  Rotate your wrists and ankles.  You don’t need to leave your workspace to do this, but it’s all the better if you can!

3)     During times of stress, use “square breathing” to center yourself.  Breathe in while counting to five, hold your breath to the count of five, breathe out to the count of five, and hold to the count of five (or another number of your choosing).  Do this 3-4 times.  When you focus on counting and breathing, you are no longer focused on whatever has caused your stress and anxiety. (You can use this technique when you are not stressed as well.)


Think of these activities as an investment that will yield a thousand-fold reward!  They represent easy, no-cost ways to begin building the new habit of slowing down in your business.  Once you feel comfortable with them, you can move on to incorporate longer periods of rest and relaxation into your day.  You’ll feel better and you’ll work better too!



Dr. Monique Y. Wells  is a 20+-year resident of Paris, France.  Known as the Paris Muse of Time Management™, she is committed to helping passionate, high-achieving solopreneurs and small business owners “get over overwhelm” so that they find peace of mind through greater productivity.  Her clients can expect to enjoy less stress, more income, greater job satisfaction, and more time to spend with family and friends outside of work – guilt-free!



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