Speak Life!

Affirmations are statements going beyond the reality of the present into the creation of the future through the words you use in the now.

– Louise L. Hay

 Speak Life!

Positive affirmations are declarations that when used correctly and accompanied with corresponding action can provide you with emotional support and encouragement. Affirmations can also motivate you to move towards your goals and help you to respond better to setbacks and overcome obstacles. Declarations may regulate stress levels, decrease negative thoughts, and help you to remain positive and focused.

You can create and use targeted affirmations for a variety of areas of your life. For example, when writing my book, Trinity of Coaching God, You, and Your Life Coach, I created affirmations specific to the creation of my book and the desired results regarding the book’s completion and future success.

Many of my affirmations are based on biblical scriptures, which help to increase my faith in God and His ability to help me accomplish all that He created me to achieve. I truly believe that our words shape and create the world we live in and the life we experience. Below are some suggestions on how create your own positive affirmations.


  1. Make your affirmations personal – When creating your affirmations use the words, “I, “and “me.” Remember, the focus of your affirmation is on you and your desires. Avoid creating affirmations based on goals attained by someone else. Keep the focus on you and what you are able to achieve in Christ!
  2. Make your affirmations positive – Avoid using negative words and emotions. Instead, use words that are positive and produce a positive image in your subconscious.
  3. Focus on the present – Customize statements that begin with “I am” or “I will.”
  4. Be specific. Understand that general and vague affirmations will not deliver the results you desire.
  5. Keep your affirmations realistic – Your affirmation should be attainable and practical.
  6. Be consistent – Make a habit of talking to yourself daily.
  7. Say your personal affirmations aloud and in front of a mirror – You are the most influential person in your life. Speak life!

Speak Life


Let It Shine! with host Nikki Johnson

Let It Shine! with host Nikki Johnson

If you missed my interview with Nikki Johnson, be sure to catch the encore presentation airing all this week at 7pm CST on www.joshuagenerationradio.org Joshua Generation Radio.

Let it Shine!

The Power of Your Thoughts


Trinity of Coaching

God, You, and Your Life Coach 

Excerpt from Chapter 12


The Power of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts have tremendous power. They frame your words and actions and, thereby, create the life you live. The life you are experiencing today is a result of positive and negative thoughts. Negative thoughts not confronted and dealt with will create frustration and disappointment.
Thankfully, there is good news! You have the power to implement changes in your thought life that will bring about positive transformation.You do not have to continue on your current path of unfulfilled goals and buried dreams. God is ready and willing to help you be an agent for the change you want to experience in your life.


Check out this great video by Mary Jo Rapini, LPC on how to deal with negativity. Enjoy and be blessed!

On Fire To Inspire with host Aleigha Butler

WOW! We had a great time!!! So thankful for the opportunity to join Aleigha Butler tonight.  Listen in on tonight’s show to learn how you can lead a successful life.


On Fire To Inspire with host Aleigha Butler

On Fire to Inspire


Being Fabulously Fit-in-God’s-Kingdom with Renee

Hello everyone,

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Renee on her radio program Being Fabulously Fit-in-God’s-Kingdom with Renee. This episode is packed with helpful tips that you don’t want to miss!

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Join me on Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom with Renee

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Christ-Centered Coaching Can Infuse New Life In Your Ministry

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you doing spectacular!  Here’s a link to my latest article posted at BlackLifeCoaches.Net.  If you find the content to be helpful please be sure to share it and let us know which tip(s) resonated with you!

Christ-Centered Coaching Can Infuse New Life In Your Ministry

Christ-Centered Coaching Can Infuse New Life In Your Ministry

Pastors and religious leaders from a variety of denominations use coaching techniques to help members of their congregation break free from restraints and open the door to unrealized potential and underutilized talents. In many traditional coaching practices, the emphasis is on the client, which is an important element but only part of the equation needed for success. As a minister or Christian leader, it is important not crossover into a humanistic approach which move the coach and the client away from Christ, the only source for true and sustainable positive change. With this in mind, here are some tips – See more here.


Take a sneak peak…

Trinity of Coaching: God, You, and Your Life Coach is a practical guide for coaches, coaching clients, ministers, and laypeople. Packed with research-supported techniques, practical advice, and life application lessons, this book is an excellent tool to help you integrate your Christian faith and Biblical principles into your coaching sessions and daily activities. Available for purchase here

New Perspectives Magazine October 2014 Issue

Enjoy the latest issue


New Perspectives Magazine


Bringing Our Goals Into The Here And Now

When discussing your goals, do you say, “I’m going to do it”, or do you say, “I want to do it?”.   Often times, we can put things off to an open ended future if we continually place our health and fitness goals, or our plans for projects, into the category of “I want to do that”.  Without a defined goal and a plan to get there, many of our “want to’s” may not happen.  Let’s not allow the desires of our heart go unfulfilled.

   -Marty Copeland