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Check out the latest video from Dr. Carol Leaf, I Can’t Is A Decision!

Sometimes we think “I can’t change this or that” …or we make statements like “this is who I am and how I think, so I can’t change” …BUT…God tells us to renew our mind. And science shows us when we renew our minds, amazing changes occur in our brains, which is called neuroplasticity. Our brains are designed to reflect the mind. So, “I can’t change my way of thinking” is as much of a decision as “I can change my way of thinking”. – Dr. Carol Leaf

Author of , "Switch On Your Brain"
Author of , “Switch On Your Brain”



Ministry Life Balance

Ministry Life Balance

Ministry work can be rewarding, but chronically stressful. However, you can minimize the stress by finding balance. How? Check out my latest article at  Learn what key coaching technique you can  implement today to minimize your stress levels and create ministry life balance.




Switch On Your Brain

Click here to view the latest  video by cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf, creator of Switch On Your Brain® 5-Step™ Learning Process and the Metacognitive-Map™ learning tool.


Author of , "Switch On Your Brain"
Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Leaf developed the Geodesic Learning™ theory (brain-compatible learning) that has been conservatively shown to increase academic performance by 35-75%. This revolutionary theory explains the Science of Thought, stating that everything you do is first a thought in the you physical brain. You think, and then you do, which cycles back to the original thought, changing it, and the thoughts connected to it, in a dynamic interrelationship. Therefore if your thinking is toxic, then your communications and actions are toxic, and vice versa.


Soft Skills for 2014

Soft Skills for 2014

 It is a new year! What are your plans? Are you looking to pursue your dream career or perhaps you have decided that now is the time to transition into another field of interest? If so, how are your soft skills? Are you unclear about what soft skills are or why they are important? Don’t worry –you will be an expert after reading this post!  Here are some insightful tips from Recruiter, Becky Northrup.

Photo by DeNeen Attard
Photo by DeNeen Attard

How are soft skills measured during the interview process?

Measuring soft skills is not a perfect science. The techniques companies use can vary based on the skill set and the personalities of those already in the company. There will usually be questions during the interviews about strengths and weaknesses, their passion or various situational questions (describe a time when…). Another way soft skills are measured is through personality assessments. The company will have given the same tests to the current employees and know what they are looking for with these. In person interviews are a really effective way of measuring soft skills because they can see how a person acts under stress, how they carry themselves and really get a feel for their personality and whether they will be a fit for the team and company. They may even have the applicant interview with the other members of the team they will be a part of.  Many companies will use all of the approaches throughout the interview process intermingled with technical screenings so they ensure that the person meets the requirements for the position as well as being a fit for the team and/or company.


What is the interviewer looking for in the area of soft skills?

It is extremely important that the person can not only do the job but will also be a good culture fit for the company and will get along with the team as well as others in the company that they will interact with. That doesn’t mean that they have to have the exact same personality as everyone else. Soft skills are things like communication, trust, work ethic, respect, enthusiasm, optimism, integrity, motivation and professionalism.


How can a candidate develop their soft skills?

Just knowing the definition of soft skills is a first step. They can take some time before interviewing to think of examples of when they’ve demonstrated the major soft skills so that when questions are asked in the interview, they have detailed answers prepared.  It may also help to go on the company’s website to see if they list their corporate values or read the job description for soft skill requirements because those would be the ones measured during interviewing. Also, simple things like being responsive and honest to the requests for information (sending references, filling out an application, setting up interviews, etc) and always being professional in every communication with the company, regardless of who it is, will help.


Beck Northrup Becky Northrup is an IT Recruiter for Kforcea with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. 


Unwrap the Bible Event – Houston TX

Unwrap the Bible

Hello Ladies,

Do you have questions about the Bible? Are you searching for answers regarding God’s promises? If so, you might want to check out Unwrap the Bible. This life changing event will be hosted at several locations across the United States. Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas will host the next session on February 21-22, 2014. If you want to learn more about the event and how to register visit Women of Faith. Women of Faith is a Christian organization dedicated to the betterment of women through God and His truths found in the Bible.

 Unwrap the Bible

 Uncover some of the most incredible treasures found in the Scripture. Receive a fresh word from God’s word from five of our generation’s most gifted Bible teachers— Beth Moore, Christine Caine, Priscilla Shirer, Sheila Walsh and Lisa Harper—together at one event for the first time ever! Experience life-giving worship with Kari Jobe and life-altering teaching from the Bible as we come back to the one place we can find all that we need—God’s word. Don’t miss this extraordinary event.

– Women of Faith




Chances are you have played or at least heard about the word game, Scrabble at some point in your life. The goal of the game is to create high point value words using the letters you draw. Since each letter is assigned a numeric point value you don’t want to create words on a whim, rather you want to be selective and choose only those words that will render you the highest score.

In real life, the words you speak also have value and with every word you speak, you participate in the word game. Depending on your choice of words, you score either high or low. When you make statements like “I am just …” followed by pessimistic and depressing words you are placing limits on yourself. This type of behavior can have a negative impact on you state of mind and keep you from living a full and prosperous life.


Winning the word game
Winning the word game


However, you can stack the odds in your favor and increase the value of the words you speak and the quality of your life when you:

1. Ask God for help

2. Take ownership of the words you speak

3. Make a commitment to change

4. Act on the knowledge received from the Holy Spirit

Of the four steps,  step number one is the most important step. Only in Christ Jesus will you experience sustainable change. When you acknowledge that you cannot do anything exclusive of Him, you open the door to receive revelation from God through the Holy Spirit concerning who you are in Christ. Once you receive wisdom from God, your job is to take action. In the beginning, it might be difficult. Your heart and mind might be in disagreement as your mind replays how it has always been. Don’t be discouraged. God’s Word is unfailing.

Reject the doubt, accept God’s perfect plan for your thought life by faith, and abandon all other negative thoughts and beliefs. As you grow, you will experience positive changes in your speech and behavior. You will begin to see yourself as God sees you –righteous in the image of Christ. With God’s help, you can experience a life free of restraints and distortion when you adopt the vision and plan God has for you. As a child of God, you are created in the image of God in Christ with full power and glory, able to do all that He has charged you to do in His strength.



Here are some high point value words to get you started:

  • I am the righteousness of God in Christ.
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  • I am a child of God empowered by Holy Spirit to do good.
  • I operate in the knowledge and wisdom of God.


Experiencing transition can be frightening and exhilarating all at the same time. However, it is possible to make it through with ease and comfort. Check out what my friend Kelly Cates has to say in her latest blog posts:

I hope that you are blessed by her words of encouragement. Have a spectacular Thursday!




Ambassador Winstanley Shares Her Insights on Life and Career

Ambassador Winstanley Shares Her Insights on Life and Career

Photo Credits: Matthew Mirabelli, Times Of Malta, US Embassy Malta

Women of color are excelling in a variety of careers in spectacular locations around the world. One such woman is Ms. Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, currently serving as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Malta located in the Mediterranean Sea.

During a recent visit to the island of Malta, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Ms. Abercrombie-Winstanley. Click here to read the entire article.