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Be Inspired. Be Remarkable Tour


Do you find yourself unfulfilled with your daily life? Are you constantly talking yourself out of situations or environments that may enhance your life simply because of fear? 

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy but the Rize UP! Be Inspired. Be Remarkable Tour is designed to show you that your journey-even the fear- has not been in vain. You can turn things around and live a fearless life filled with joy instead of anxiety.


Join us for a power packed workshop designed to help you discover
your purpose, grow spiritually, and release your fears.

In order to welcome newness into your life, you must first reconcile the old way of thinking and be ready to take a radical leap into the greatness you deserve. Free of fear and hindrances that have held you down in the past. The Rize UP! Be Inspired. Be Remarkable. Tour is designed to show you how to speak to your soul from the inside out, evict fear, and make room for positive sustainable change. We show you how to speak to your emotions and toss out the negative clutter that keeps you immobile. We help you align where you want to be with where you are by empowering you to create your own life plan.

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Rize UP! Be Inspired. Be Remarkable.
will help you facilitate the change you need to :

  • Change your point of view and life language
  • Interpret, pinpoint & conquer your fears
  • Jumpstart a new attitude aligned with your goals
  • Make constructive decisions about your future
  • Map out your path and maneuver emotional and physical obstacles
  • Develop a passion driven action plan
  • Influence your own positive thinking
  • Grow your faith-based dream building foundation
  • Be your own support team

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The days of sacrificing what is important to you are over. We dare you to love yourself unconditionally. We want to motivate you to appreciate your gifts and attract the things and people in your life that strengthen your personal development. It is time to RIZE UP, step out on faith, and embrace your breakthrough and transformation into the woman you were always meant to be. The first step is to realize and accept that your current location is not your future destination.


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With a deep compassion to see others live the absolute best life possible, DeNeen Attard dedicates her time and talents to coaching women to overcome their fears and take charge of their thoughts. She is a trained minister and life coach who has over ten years of business experience and currently pens inspirational articles and most recently a book to share her wisdom with others.   Her recent book, Trinity of Coaching: God, You, and Your Life Coach, has helped countless women discover the joy and sense of accomplishment they desire. As co-creator of Christian Neuro Coaching™, a proprietary coaching program, she trains other coaches on how to incorporate Christian values, biblical principles, and neuroscience into coaching sessions.



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