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How to Get the Maximum Benefit
Out of Christian-Based Life-Coaching –

Easy Guidelines for Coaches and Clients Alike! 

Trinity of Coaching

God, You and Your Life Coach

If you’re seeking help with the overwhelming demands of everyday life – and who isn’t? – then you should know about a brand-new book that explores the concept of Christian Life-Coaching from a biblical viewpoint.


The book is titled “Trinity of Coaching: God, You, and Your Life Coach” – and it’s loaded with real-world experience endorsed by coaches and clients alike.


You will learn everything you need to know about the benefits of coaching when you read this book.


If you’re a coach, this book provides you with the insights you need for a well-balanced life – giving your best to your clients, while keeping some of yourself “in reserve” for yourself! And your family…!


If you’re a client, this book teaches you how to choose the “perfect” coach for your unique needs.


Not all Life Coaches are made the same. Some have special traits and unique talents and abilities that you might need for your particular situation.


This book shows you how to identify what you need… who you need… and how to approach the right Life Coach for your purposes.


For coaches, it shows you how to make yourself more available to the kinds of clients who are looking for you!


It also teaches you how to give each client your very best – without the risk of suffering burn-out or exhaustion or negativity of any kind.


Life Coaching is the latest form of believers helping believers – and it’s taking the Christian world by storm.


Business executives have relied on it for decades. And now it’s the popular – but still little-known – field of expertise for many Christians on their walk with the Lord.


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This book is a must read for Executive Coaches and potential clients. The contents will summarized the coaching process, as well as facilitate a spiritual connection. Whether one is spiritual or not, the tenets will help to obtain your goals. DeNeen Attard has a great deal to offer the Executive Coaching milieu.

−CPT Charles R. Williams, Ph.D., Military Clinical Psychologist

Get ready to coach with intentional confidence. Trinity of Coaching encapsulates insight for coaches and clients to apply faith and Biblical principles in every coaching session.

Dr. Regina M. Daigre, Executive Pastor, High Hopes Church

If you’re seeking a change in your life, be it business, relationship, or otherwise, and want to incorporate the teachings of God into that change, look no further. Trinity of Coaching: God, You, and Your Life Coach gives you a step-by-step directional guide to doing just that. This book is a must-read to help you organize your thoughts, stay accountable for growth and forward movement, and keep you inspired through Biblical principles.

Jolina Lucasey,

Whether you seek to expand your knowledge and skills as a life coach or are a client in search of the right match for you, Trinity of Coaching has you covered. One of the most powerful components of this book is that both coach and client are encouraged to embark upon the unification process and journey together under the wisdom and direction of the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in taking his or her coaching experience to the next level.

−Adrienne Satterfield

‘Trinity of Coaching’ takes a Word based approach to helping individuals fulfill their purpose and reach their goals. The book gives insight into engaging the faith of both client and coach, allowing the Holy Spirit to create a three-strand cord of partnership, power and purpose. I recommend it and look forward to adding it to my personal library of resources.”

-Raquel R. Robinson, Executive Coach


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Trinity of Coaching: God, You, and Your Life Coach

December 2014 Release